My experience as a convicted twitter bully

Hi, my name’s John Nimmo. And I’m a Twitter bully.
Or at least I was. I’m not now…in fact, I’m just the opposite.
Early in 2014 I was jailed for eight weeks for tweeting threats to two relatively well known campaigners. Yes, jailed. And during my time behind bars I shared a cell  with an armed robber. The irony of it all is that I wasn’t even passionate about the subject or the people I was bullying. I was simply bored, saw what was trending and leaped on to the bandwagon. 
I quickly realised my tweets were completely over the top, but by then it was too late. I was arrested, went to court, and was jailed. I totally regret what I did, and would like to say sorry to everyone involved. Being jailed for something I wrote on Twitter was a real wake-up call for me, but I’m determined to put that experience to good use.
I have now become a dedicated anti-bully campaigner and am hoping to set up a series of talks in schools, warning youngsters about the dangers of cyber bullying…the dangers both to the bullies and the bullied. Cyber bullying can, and does, ruin lives.  Okay, the bullying I did was extreme, but comments about people’s weight or other aspects of their appearance can be just as devastating to those on the receiving end.
Online bullying causes stress and intense mental pain – sometimes to the degree that victims self-harm and even commit suicide. It’s every bit as powerful as physical bullying and its consequences are just as terrifying. I would urge everyone to stop and think before you send that tweet or Facebook post. Don’t let it ruin your life…or theirs. 



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